iOS 14.4 – Major Security Fixes Inbound

You should probably update to iOS 14.4 right away.

Apple’s iOS 14.4 update for iPhone and iPad isn’t a major update by any means, but it adds a couple of new features and eliminates a handful of security vulnerabilities.

Apple iOS 14.4 Features and Enhancements

The most prominent feature update that comes with iOS 14.4 gives the Bluetooth menu an overhaul to include a section for “Device Type.” In this menu, you can select the type of device that you’ve connected to, including but not limited to headphones, car stereo, speakers, and hearing aid. Once you’ve selected your device type, your phone will give you more accurate volume notifications. The iPhone camera app has also been upgraded and you’ll now be able to scan smaller QR codes. As a side note, Apple has added a new warning that will alert you if your iPhone or iPad’s camera cannot be verified as new and genuine after replacement – something that can help you be sure any third-party repair is made with genuine Apple components.

  1. The camera can organize smaller QR codes.
  2. For correct identification of headphones for audio notifications, now there is an option to classify the type of Bluetooth device in the Settings menu.
  3. Notifications for the device’s camera when it is unable to be verified as a new and genuine Apple camera in iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Mini, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Apple has also fixed a number of issues:

  1. When taken with iPhone 12 Pro, image artifacts could appear in HDR photos.
    The fitness widget might fail to display updated Activity data.
  2. Typing delay and keyboard unable to show word suggestions
  3. In Messages, the keyboard might not be showing the correct language.
  4. From the News app in CarPlay, Audio stories may be unable to resume when paused for Siri or spoken directions.
  5. When enabling Switch Control in Accessibility, it may stop phone calls from being answered from the Lock Screen.

Apple iOS Security Vulnerability Fixes

Along with the list of feature updates and bug fixes that you see above, Apple has also eliminated three distinct security vulnerability updates with the 14.4 update. The ost import is a kernel-level exploit that could allow malicious apps to steal your data or otherwise manipulate your phone. The other two issues that have been resolved were WebKit-related vulnerabilities that could allow a remote hacker to execute harmful code. Apparently, these vulnerabilities were discovered by security researchers, but Apple has yet to release more in-depth details.

How to Download iOS 14.4 Update

If you haven’t been prompted to install the iOS 14.4 update to your iPhone or iPad yet, simply head over to the Settings menu, then click “General,” the “Software Update.” On the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the update size is about 350 MB.

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