Audi Needs the E-Tron GT to Be It’s Porsche 911

Audi doesn’t exactly have an iconic car….yet

In the world of cars, almost every automaker has its owns specific icon. For BMW, that’s the M2, while Porsche has the 911, and Mercedes has the AMG GT. These are the cars we naturally and automatically think about first when the automaker’s name comes up. But, what about Audi? The brand doesn’t have anything that’s all that special. Sure, is has its various RS models, but when the name Audi comes up, there isn’t one specific model that comes to mind. The new RS7 Sportback kind of fits into the category, but not nearly as much as Porsche’s 911 or BMW’s M2. That’s where the Audi E-Tron GT comes in, and it doesn’t only need to be a hit, it needs to be Audi’s icon.

So, what will make the E-Tron GT an icon?

For starters, the Audi E-Tron GT is going to feature, for the most part, a timeless design, and will likely be the most attractive EV on the market when it launches. Unlike what Mercedes is doing with its EQ lineup, the Audi E-Tron GT is going to have a design all its own, and this is very important. That muscular look is going to be backed up by some pretty impressive performance. With two electric motors and a 93 kWh battery back, the E-Tron GT is expected to deliver a cool 582 horsepower and, according to Porsche, will be able to target a 60-mph sprint in around 3.5 seconds with 0-124 mph coming in around 12 seconds.

Then, you’ve got the more extreme Audi E-Tron RSGT that is expected to put down an even more impressive 627 horsepower – enough to make 60 mph come in three seconds flat. The Quattro AWD system will be able to distribute torque on demand to any of the four wheels in any split needed to maintain optimal traction at all times. That said, expected range of the base model comes in at around 249 miles on a good day. While that’s not much, the 800-volt charging system should be capable of giving it an 80-percent charge in around 20 minutes. That is, as long as you can find a compatible 800-volt charger, anyway.

While all of this should make the E-Tron GT the icon that Audi needs, its price point practically says that it has to be an icon. The base model is expected to start around $100,000 before options, taxes, and deliver. The E-Tron RSGT is expected to command a price more in the range of $140,000. Fortunately, the E-Tron GT is arriving in a time where EVs are more practical than ever. With a fairly decent range and amazing performance, anyone that can afford to spill six figures without inducing a divorce or calling in a second mortgage should have no issue pulling the trigger on such an iconic car.

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