2022 Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo – A Practical Sports Wagon

The Porsche Taycan is, arguably, the most important vehicle from Porsche since the 911 made its debut nearly six decades ago. It is Porsche’s first car designed to be an EV first unless, of course, you count the 1898 Egger-Lohner C.2 Phaeton that was designed by none other than Ferdinand Porsche with an octagonal electric motor that delivered 3-5 horsepower and could hit up to 25 km/h – about 15 mph.

But, I’m getting off topic, so I digress….. for now.

Back to the point at hand, the Taycan is a major step forward for the Porsche brand as it symbolizes its future and is the first major step in the brand’s step to mass adoption of electric vehicles. The problem with the Taycan, however, is that the shift away from fossil fuels and into electric vehicles is just beginning and the Taycan wasn’t exactly as practical as it could be. Now, however, with the introduction of the Taycan Cross Turismo, Porsches major electric halo car – at least for now – is now more appealing to both families and those that need to haul a fair amount of cargo.

To put this into perspective, the Taycan sedan offers up between 12.9 – 14.3 cubic-feet of cargo room, depending on the trim, with the parcel shelf in place. The Cross Turismo, however, offers up 14.3 – 15 cubic-feet, plus the rear seats lay down, expanding to a maximum of 42.8 cubic-feet. You also get the same 2.9 cubic-feet of cargo room in the frunk. On top of this, rear passengers even have a bit of extra room because the Cross Turismo has an extra 3.6-inchs of headroom in the rear. Front passengers benefit from just under half an inch, but it’s still an improvement, nonetheless.

So, with this in mind, it’s easy to conclude that the Cross Turismo in more practical than the sedan, especially for families. But here’s the real kicker. The Cross Turismo is only available with the 93.4-kWh battery pack (normally a $6,000 option on the lower sedan trims) and even the entry level Cross Turismo is AWD. This explains why it starts out $11,000 more expensive than the sedan, but the tradeoff seems pretty fair.

Like its sedan counterpart, the Cross Turismo is available in four trim levels, with the entry level model being the Taycan 4. Moving up the line, you’ve got the 4S, Turbo, and Turbo S. Performance is right up there with the sedan as well, with the sprint to 100 km/h (62.1 mph) being just one-tenth of a second slower. Power output ranges from 380 horsepower up to 625 horsepower (or up to 760 horsepower with launch control ont eh Turbo S model). Electric range is also decent, with estimates coming in between 241 and 289 miles depending on the trim level.

Porsche Taycan 4 Cross TurismoPorsche Taycan 4S Cross TurismoPorsche Taycan Turbo Cross TurismoPorsche Taycan Turbo S Cross Turismo
Horsepower380 HP490 HP625 HP (680 HP with Launch Control)625 HP (760 HP with Launch Control)
0 to 100 km/h5.1 seconds4.1 seconds3.3 seconds2.9 seconds
Top Speed220 km/h240 km/h250 km/h250 km/h
Range389 – 456 km388 – 452 km395 – 452 km388 – 419 km

Pricing starts out at $92,250, but now that the configurator is up and running, the most expensive the Taycan Cross Turismo can go beyond the $240,000 mark as reported by Motor1 if you go crazy with options. Porsche expects to start delivering the Cross Turismo in summer of 2021 unless there are unforeseen delays due to the current global health pandemic.

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